Tuesday, 30 August 2011

pami learns to cyber stitch..

look at this, i can sew while i get square eyes!!

------------------------------ straight stitch  ================== twin needle
^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v crap zig zag     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ stretch stitch
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv over-edge stitch   ........................................ hand quilting by someone
                                                                                                             who has no life
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  now im just showing off...hehehe

...told you i'd do some sewing today!!.. :-)

today was an icky one...began with a horrible noise from the bathroom, like a loud whooshy sound, ran to the door just in time to see stinky water spray out in a huge tower all over the place..turns out urban utilities were in the street clearing sewerage pipes and there mustve beena blockage right before my connection...had to go somewhere..MY @#$#%@$#% CEILING!!!!!!...so at 7:30am i had three burly urban utilities blokes cleaning my foul bathroom from top to bottom, didnt let them stop til they ran out of disinfectant..and i buy the cheap arse HUGE bottles!!!!!...shoulda got a pic..couldnt convince them they had to vacumm and hang out the washing too...but i TRIED!!!!! :-P

then my home help guy turned up a few hours later (got run over in feb and have a stuffed back), got him to redo the bathroom ( :-)) ) then he did my kitchen til it shone..he'd been gone all of 10 minutes when F-Cat ran in with yet another huge lizard and turned my kitchen floor into an icky mess..thanks dougal!!..so i had to mop too!!..

i would like to tell you i did REAL sewing but since i've just copyrighted 'cyber stitch' techniques i can smile!!

oh, and i dont know if i can post pics yet, i dont think the inner technophobe has come that far, but i'll try..if it works, this is for you fiona.. :-) :-) :-)

huggs!!...pami xox



  1. Oh Pami what a day!!!!!!!! You poor bugger, I can't believe your awful luck with the bathroom - and yep, I'd have made them clean it all up too ;o)!!!! Oh and I bet you just LOVED Dougal's little pressie - knowing how you adore all things reptilian LOL. F-cat is on shaky ground me thinks lol.
    Love n hugs,
    Joyous ;o)
    PS .... can't wait to see your cyber quilt he he!!!

  2. ooooooh... yeuck.... at least you can post lovely pics of Eric Bana... thank you...