Sunday, 25 September 2011

how things can change in a heartbeat!!... :-)

gosh i havent been here in nearly two weeks and how life changes!!..maybe i jinxed myself (in a good way) with my last posting on here..coz literally the day after i wrote that, i met 'The One'..

(bum dance, squeal, bum dance, squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i truly could gush on for hours but i won't, just a quick update to say hi and put you in the know as to why i've been missing in action... :-)) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...sigh...

ANYWAYS, i have done some embroidery..i vaguely remember that..i know, i'm a space cadet today!!..will try harder to get back in the zone this week and spend some time in my studio (tho i'm thinking to operate the high speed janome is maybe not safe in my current frame of mindless)..

will be back in a few days, and i PROMISE i'll have some pics!!..huggs, pami xox

Thursday, 15 September 2011

...i hate housework...

...well i've been missing in action, i know, you missed me etc etc etc...i've been doing..ugh..housework..and LOTS of it..coz my ex hubby is a thieving b*stard he has a house and i don't, i rent...and today was our quarterly royal dont get me wrong, im not a pig..well the kids are..but last time was not long after i got out of hospital, i had a broken spine, i was in a full body brace, and they sent me a formal default notice coz i had dust on my ceiling fan..the one that hangs waaayyyyyy up there from my 12ft now i know theyre idiots and i'm paranoid..did i pass??..who knows??..she came thru and said nothing, just scratched away on that stoopid clipboard and looked intently at stuff that i couldnt see...will see what the postie brings next week..

so no cars (shes in disgrace anyway)..and no eric bana in my bed when i roll over in the morning (so much for wishing on a star..thanks mr armstrong)..just a teddy bear and a sparkling clean house..

everyday i read my astrology on facebook..maybe mum got my birthday wrong coz by that i'm not an aries, the person theyre talking about has intrigue, wealth and love smacking them in the chops daily..nothing abut stress, poverty and hunky blokes just trying their luck in there crushed!!!..ok, so i also click on the 'love percentage' thingy for a laugh..i've had facebook for under two weeks but apparently i've been at least 95% in love every day..who with???..teddy??????...

so anyway, i went and spent money on fabric this arv after the real estate woman left..nothing terribly exciting but it was cheap so i stocked up...coz i need i guess what i need more is somewhere to actually put it..hmmm..hey i could put it in the boot of the pink car, not like shes going anywhere in a hurry!!!..

pami xox

Monday, 12 September 2011 cars and old pics...

well its been a while..i could lie and make excuses but basically yeah, im slack!!..have been a little busy tho, and this week we have a house inspection, so i thought i'd better get in and post something coz i may not be back for a week..

well ive almost solved the photo problem, i found my camera (yay)..i found the charger for the camera (double yay) and i even found the cord that goes from the camera to the puter (triple yay)..finding just those three items took up 2 days, im not joking..i hadnt used them for a very long time, had been using my old phone to take piccies but i got an iphone and the party stopped there (@%@$#^$^&^&%$!!! iphones!!!) favorite adorable :-P ex boyfriend dean (who im still best buds with and is now engaged to the adorable karen, see pic above) still has random stuff scattered throughout my house, which i dont mind but hes into gizmos and always had cords and leads everywhere, so finding my stuff and even knowing if its mine or what the hell it is is a challenge..theyre coming to stay in a few weeks so im gonna lump a tangle of cords in his lap and let his sort it, they all look the same to me..anyway, i yeah, got all the stuff to take the pics and load to computer...but now the software on the puter doesnt like talking to my pretty pink camera, it took two days just to upload the pics from my cruise on sunday, taking over 1/2hr per photo!!! you will get pics of current projects eventually, in the meantime you can have a few older things and some cruise pics just coz they were damn hard work..enjoy..
here was my cruise on sunday...note i say MY coz i work hard to get all the boys together...we had 20 hardtops, including a mad max interceptor which the guy drove all the way up from lismore as a surprise for me..i near wet my pants and !!!screamed!!! when i saw it sitting at the lights..this is true pami porn, they all knew the secret and wanted to see me totally lose im very loved :-)..yes i rubbed myself all over it..

this is gonna be a long post i know, but i guess i should introduce you to the family while im at are my cherubs..and F-Cat..and older daughter...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


ive lost a follower..was it something i said??..or the arnie shot..take my word for it that pic is ALL about the doll, i cant stand big muscly built blokes, like cuddling a lumpy telegraph pole...yuk!!..

well i have been sewing..infact last nite i pulled an all nighter, so i slept all of today..depression grinds me down at times and tis best to go with the flow and sulk quietly..bounce back better that way..just too much all at once..enuf about that..

sew what did i sew??..well im almost on top of this bloody braidy thing..its boring me to tears and im not blaming the designer (xox) but i still HATE the grey in the fabric range..ruby..blahhh!!..had to throw in a pink fatty to make up the extra strips, and managed to toss out a bit extra of the grey in the process, but i cringe at it..anyway quilt is almost finished, F-Cat will love putting flea dirt and lizard drool all over it im sure..

is it just me or do others find that if they dont like the fabric it just takes forever to finish something?..
i have more fabric than the moda warehouse, its hard to work with yuk when you  have 5 million metres of yum 'stash' is a bit of a running joke..

so what else have i made??..well i had my first aldi experience the other night..while my cherubs were dismantling their electric door i was standing like a doofus wondering why she was just piling up my stuff on the end of the counter and looking at me funny..glory be i had to buy BAGS!!!..and pack my OWN!!!..okkies, fine..but i personally didnt find them that much cheaper to risk breaking a nail over..oh, and i forgot to mention it was lucky i had a $1 coin to get a trolley..something in my foggy memory tells me there was a supermarket like this years ago and i hahahahahated it!!..but i digress..incase i should choose to shop there again (i told the kids the hundreds and thousands bickies were delicious and promised to buy 2 packets next time) i decided i needed to MAKE some bags..truth be told i hate green so pretty florals it is..very swanky!!..and way stronger than the purchased type..

i have such a ridiculous pile of jelly rolls and layer cakes awaiting my attention that theyre next on the block..over the past few months ive designed about 20 layer cake patts and squillions for jelly rolls, so i should get quite a few done..i have a JR 'block' popped into my head in the wee hours of this morning, will play with that on EQ6 once ive finished this,i still havent found that rotten cord!!

other stuff thats happened..yesterday i found a place for the cruise, not down the coast...yay!! thats all booked and ready for sunday with thanks to no one but me..sigh..and late this afternoon my daughters girlfriend wrote off her new car just metres from our driveway, guy in a van backed straight out of his driveway infront of her - whack!! half asleep i was called upon to talk to the van guy, call the cops, chat up the towies and take her to the hospital with a broken something in her foot..havent been home long, tired cherubs in tow, daughter and girlfriend are still there and will be all nite i think..i'd pull another all niter but im just too pooped!!!..

hope youre all more sane and getting more done than me..huggs, pami xox

Sunday, 4 September 2011

i did so sew!!!..

good morning happy bloggers!!..

it was a full on weekend but i did sew..nothing new, just pulled out a few stitcheries and added borders to them, turned two into cushions but need the inserts for them to be 'finished' i procrastinated over as it was originally made to go in a table runner, but its too pretty to get ruined by those mysterious beetroot stains, the ones that appear on my table pretties even tho i dont feed the munchkins beetroot..and tea stains - im sure they have high tea whenever i sleep in and spill it everywhere coz it wasnt me!!!..none have bourbon stains, which proves it cant be me!!

we do have a ghost in our rambling old house tho..blame it on the ghost....

i would post pics BUT...where the hell is the cord that goes from the phone to the lappy????

i have 2 phones, the detested iphone, big $$$ and doesnt even know how to blutooth, and my beloved old phone, which i carry in my bag to take piccys with so at least i can upload them to the puter or get them printed up at big w..doesnt help if i cant find the cord tho..

yesterday i drove over 300kms with the munchkins on board (theyre good like that, stop at maccas regularly and theyre happy)..didnt see a single bloody patchwork shop which i think is pathetic, stopped by heaps of pubs but couldnt stay, extra pathetic..was looking for somewhere to lead my petrol-head car club next weekend..coz i organised a 'mystery cruise'..and after yesterday it remains a mystery where the hell we're actually going next sunday..coz im a woman they just take it for granted im on the ball, organised, controlled and know everything..pfft

today its usually a neat freak but my house has never been such a mess, its disgusting!!..must say i havent been able to keep on top of it since my accident, learnt to turn a blind eye while i was incapacitated coz my daughter doesnt do things 'right', and now that shes to busy with her new girlfriend and its all up to me standards have gone thru the determined that today i will conquer it, wont be able to move tomorrow but at least i'll be able to OD on the morphine and admire my hard work while doing stitcheries all day guilt stitch quality gets real damn groovy on morphine tho.. :-P

off to tackle the pile of unfolded sure there used to be a couch under that window..

huggs, pami xox

Friday, 2 September 2011

oh to sew!!!

well its been another few days (miss me? :-P) and still no sewing..okay, made another solitary ohio star block to go with the others so i guess its only solitary til i deposit it in the ohio star tupperware container which will hold 20 eventually..theyre a small part of a bigger picture..but since im renouned for my UFOs rather than my finishes, i wont even bother telling you what theyre supposed to be for...other than to line a tupperware container..said 'project' took me 3hrs to cut out, put a bloody hefty dent in my fatty stash (well not really, i only raided one drawer and now you can actually fit your fingers between whats left) and would be gorgeous finished...curious yet?..oh well :):):)

ive come to the conclusion that my biggest problem is i get BORED!!!..this hasnt been a life long affliction, fairly recent actually, i used to sew and hand bead froo froo bridal rubbish for goodness sakes!! daughter will tell you shes gay only because i had nothing better to do than smock entire seasonal wardrobes for her til she was 12 (only kid i knew that loved wearing her school uniform on weekends and i never took the hint)..

second biggest problem is not only have the bullies talked me into a blog page, now ive got {{{facebook}}}..yes i know, i said i dont 'do' stuff like that but gotta keep up with the jones' and pretend im cool and slightly more intelligent than a cheeseburger..i refuse to get addicted to the stoopid thing, its just that ive only had it for a few days and im learning the ropes, finding my way around etc etc etc...and who KNEW so many people want to be my friend???...okay, so theyre mostly blokes with my kinda car but its kind of swish!!..i wonder if they look at my friends list and amongst fellow muscle car enthusiasts see all these pics of women and quilt blocks and embroidery..they must conclude im a kook..oh well :):):)

so..tis the weekend with munchkins (6 and 8)...and im determined to get some sewing knocked on the head..i did eventually design some stuff, its not bad, but hand embroidery isnt on the cards..i mean serious hard core sewing!!!...i think i'll tell them to clean their room up in the morning, that'll keep em occupied for 6 hours..wonder if i can actually finish something in 6 hours??..wonder if they can actually finish cleaning their room up by the end of the weekend??..this is looking promising!!!! :-)

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

where did i hide my mojo???...

---------------------         that'll keep joy happy :-)

well i had a lovely relaxing day yesterday, not a scrap of anything even remotely sewing related, was wined and dined on the top of a mountain (and thats all you're getting :-P) :-) :-) :-)

today i awoke thinking i should pull digit and get a few things on the drawing board...literally...

while recovering from fore mentioned accident i got A LOT of stitcheries done, not much else to do when you're flat on your back for a month then stuck in a chair for another two..broken spines are such tedious things..i indulged my brenda ryan fetish and most of what i did was hers, plus a few smaller bronnie hayes ones, all now waiting to be put together into actual 'items'..

yes, one day i'll post a pic of my UFO box..boxes..crates..shipping containers...

what most of you dont know is i design my own..lots of my own..and when the accident happened i'd already stitched most that were ready to go, or couldnt stand at the printer enlarging and stuffing around to get others ready for trace off..but i've been re-visiting my numerous folders of potential stitcheries and honestly, most just aren't what i'm 'into' at the its about time to put pencil to paper and design some fresh new ones..if i could only find where i hid my damn mojo!!

this sketch book is so BARE...have tried doodling a few flowers and cutsie creatures down the sides and n.o.t.h.i.n.g.!!!..usually works but the space in the middle is still blank..hmmmm...

maybe i should do a cop out and just rework something already in the folders..might lead to something..sigh..or maybe i'll go do the washing.. :-(