Monday, 29 August 2011

taa daa!!! very first blog post...

..well hello!!..first up may i say i have been harrassed/abused/bullied and near beat up to pull the digit and get my own if my blog totally suks and bores you to tears you shall blame *OTHERS* whom shall remain nameless (til i learn how to post links)..

..i don't 'do' technology - we dont get along!!..i have a lappy which hates me, i have an iphone which hates me..even my navman is bloody nasty!!..i don't do facebook or twitter..this is not where my talents lie..

..i do other stuff..lots of other stuff..or at the very least i procrastinate about what other stuff to do...all in all i stay nearly busy..

i'm a fulltime mummy and they never let me forget it, i have a cat named dougal (or on a bad day like today, F-Cat) who finds unique and offensive ways to make sure i never dare forget him, i have a pretty b*tch of a car, i have elderly parents..and im happily single..well until 'The One' the meantime i date a lot of nice young men who will never be 'The One' but keep me amused.. 

it was probably a bad day to start my blog coz today i did squat!!..well sort of, i could lie and exagerate about the 5mins of housework, flicking thru magazines, the solitary ohio star block i stitched together then went back to the magazines, the 3mins i sat on the edge of my bed and thought i should hang up my new curtains then back to the magazines, the nap from reading too many magazines..i did squat..i did have a i wasnt home ALL day, but nothing exciting like going fabric shopping etc..

tomorrow i'll do more this space!!..

pami xox



  1. Lol. Welcome to blogland Pami. You know you love us. Hugs,

  2. YAY!!! Welcome to blogland!!! So I guess I'd better do a post on mine now he he he.
    Love n hugs,
    Joyous :o)

  3. Welcome Pami to blogland ,you will meet the most amazing people and make wonderful friends,so enjoy.
    Oh pretty please can you post some pics of the beautiful things that you have sewn,Jeanette told me you sew beautifully.

  4. Welcome to blogger land you will meet some very crafty ladysand make lots of friends. I just love your first post. I got nagged to start a blog and it was the best thing I ever done I have meet some very lovely blogger.

  5. Congrats on your new blog and best wishes for many happy hours spent on the computer reading and looking and getting to know lots of us who are happy to lead you astray .... Jeanette says you have lovely things to show us - but I don't mind pictures of Eric Bana too.....