Wednesday, 31 August 2011

where did i hide my mojo???...

---------------------         that'll keep joy happy :-)

well i had a lovely relaxing day yesterday, not a scrap of anything even remotely sewing related, was wined and dined on the top of a mountain (and thats all you're getting :-P) :-) :-) :-)

today i awoke thinking i should pull digit and get a few things on the drawing board...literally...

while recovering from fore mentioned accident i got A LOT of stitcheries done, not much else to do when you're flat on your back for a month then stuck in a chair for another two..broken spines are such tedious things..i indulged my brenda ryan fetish and most of what i did was hers, plus a few smaller bronnie hayes ones, all now waiting to be put together into actual 'items'..

yes, one day i'll post a pic of my UFO box..boxes..crates..shipping containers...

what most of you dont know is i design my own..lots of my own..and when the accident happened i'd already stitched most that were ready to go, or couldnt stand at the printer enlarging and stuffing around to get others ready for trace off..but i've been re-visiting my numerous folders of potential stitcheries and honestly, most just aren't what i'm 'into' at the its about time to put pencil to paper and design some fresh new ones..if i could only find where i hid my damn mojo!!

this sketch book is so BARE...have tried doodling a few flowers and cutsie creatures down the sides and n.o.t.h.i.n.g.!!!..usually works but the space in the middle is still blank..hmmmm...

maybe i should do a cop out and just rework something already in the folders..might lead to something..sigh..or maybe i'll go do the washing.. :-(


  1. Oh no not the washing any thing but the washing ;0
    Try under the couch for the Mojo found mine there the other day waiting with a Doc Martain DVD and a good cup of tea .
    Hope you find it soon

  2. goodluck with the designing.......welcome to blogland........