Friday, 2 September 2011

oh to sew!!!

well its been another few days (miss me? :-P) and still no sewing..okay, made another solitary ohio star block to go with the others so i guess its only solitary til i deposit it in the ohio star tupperware container which will hold 20 eventually..theyre a small part of a bigger picture..but since im renouned for my UFOs rather than my finishes, i wont even bother telling you what theyre supposed to be for...other than to line a tupperware container..said 'project' took me 3hrs to cut out, put a bloody hefty dent in my fatty stash (well not really, i only raided one drawer and now you can actually fit your fingers between whats left) and would be gorgeous finished...curious yet?..oh well :):):)

ive come to the conclusion that my biggest problem is i get BORED!!!..this hasnt been a life long affliction, fairly recent actually, i used to sew and hand bead froo froo bridal rubbish for goodness sakes!! daughter will tell you shes gay only because i had nothing better to do than smock entire seasonal wardrobes for her til she was 12 (only kid i knew that loved wearing her school uniform on weekends and i never took the hint)..

second biggest problem is not only have the bullies talked me into a blog page, now ive got {{{facebook}}}..yes i know, i said i dont 'do' stuff like that but gotta keep up with the jones' and pretend im cool and slightly more intelligent than a cheeseburger..i refuse to get addicted to the stoopid thing, its just that ive only had it for a few days and im learning the ropes, finding my way around etc etc etc...and who KNEW so many people want to be my friend???...okay, so theyre mostly blokes with my kinda car but its kind of swish!!..i wonder if they look at my friends list and amongst fellow muscle car enthusiasts see all these pics of women and quilt blocks and embroidery..they must conclude im a kook..oh well :):):)

so..tis the weekend with munchkins (6 and 8)...and im determined to get some sewing knocked on the head..i did eventually design some stuff, its not bad, but hand embroidery isnt on the cards..i mean serious hard core sewing!!!...i think i'll tell them to clean their room up in the morning, that'll keep em occupied for 6 hours..wonder if i can actually finish something in 6 hours??..wonder if they can actually finish cleaning their room up by the end of the weekend??..this is looking promising!!!! :-)


  1. Pami, I have to tell you that you make me laugh , so thanks for the chuckle for today , can't wait until you actually have pictures to share ;-) That's a hint . Sheila in Good ol' Nova Scotia .

  2. I thought you were going to ring me this week. So slack. :) Glad you didn't let those other Ohio blocks get lonely & made them another friend. :) lol good luck with the sewing today & the munchkins cleaning. Happy Stitching,

  3. G'day. Hi. My first post to you since joining your blog a few days ago. Nice to meet you. You have a great way of putting us in the picture. Love the car. Hubby (and I) are into classic Fords. Look forward to seeing some stitching. Take care. Liz...