Wednesday, 7 September 2011


ive lost a follower..was it something i said??..or the arnie shot..take my word for it that pic is ALL about the doll, i cant stand big muscly built blokes, like cuddling a lumpy telegraph pole...yuk!!..

well i have been sewing..infact last nite i pulled an all nighter, so i slept all of today..depression grinds me down at times and tis best to go with the flow and sulk quietly..bounce back better that way..just too much all at once..enuf about that..

sew what did i sew??..well im almost on top of this bloody braidy thing..its boring me to tears and im not blaming the designer (xox) but i still HATE the grey in the fabric range..ruby..blahhh!!..had to throw in a pink fatty to make up the extra strips, and managed to toss out a bit extra of the grey in the process, but i cringe at it..anyway quilt is almost finished, F-Cat will love putting flea dirt and lizard drool all over it im sure..

is it just me or do others find that if they dont like the fabric it just takes forever to finish something?..
i have more fabric than the moda warehouse, its hard to work with yuk when you  have 5 million metres of yum 'stash' is a bit of a running joke..

so what else have i made??..well i had my first aldi experience the other night..while my cherubs were dismantling their electric door i was standing like a doofus wondering why she was just piling up my stuff on the end of the counter and looking at me funny..glory be i had to buy BAGS!!!..and pack my OWN!!!..okkies, fine..but i personally didnt find them that much cheaper to risk breaking a nail over..oh, and i forgot to mention it was lucky i had a $1 coin to get a trolley..something in my foggy memory tells me there was a supermarket like this years ago and i hahahahahated it!!..but i digress..incase i should choose to shop there again (i told the kids the hundreds and thousands bickies were delicious and promised to buy 2 packets next time) i decided i needed to MAKE some bags..truth be told i hate green so pretty florals it is..very swanky!!..and way stronger than the purchased type..

i have such a ridiculous pile of jelly rolls and layer cakes awaiting my attention that theyre next on the block..over the past few months ive designed about 20 layer cake patts and squillions for jelly rolls, so i should get quite a few done..i have a JR 'block' popped into my head in the wee hours of this morning, will play with that on EQ6 once ive finished this,i still havent found that rotten cord!!

other stuff thats happened..yesterday i found a place for the cruise, not down the coast...yay!! thats all booked and ready for sunday with thanks to no one but me..sigh..and late this afternoon my daughters girlfriend wrote off her new car just metres from our driveway, guy in a van backed straight out of his driveway infront of her - whack!! half asleep i was called upon to talk to the van guy, call the cops, chat up the towies and take her to the hospital with a broken something in her foot..havent been home long, tired cherubs in tow, daughter and girlfriend are still there and will be all nite i think..i'd pull another all niter but im just too pooped!!!..

hope youre all more sane and getting more done than me..huggs, pami xox

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  1. G'day Pami. I think a lot of sewers at some stage have had fabric that they don't really like and it is hard to soldier on with a project when the colour's not good. I had to laugh at your Aldi experience. One of their stores has only been open here in the country town where I live for a few months and I had not had much experience with them previous to this, so I too got a shock when I realsied that I had to buy bags and pack the stuff myself.I now take a bag in with me and know the drill. Take care. Liz...