Thursday, 15 September 2011

...i hate housework...

...well i've been missing in action, i know, you missed me etc etc etc...i've been doing..ugh..housework..and LOTS of it..coz my ex hubby is a thieving b*stard he has a house and i don't, i rent...and today was our quarterly royal dont get me wrong, im not a pig..well the kids are..but last time was not long after i got out of hospital, i had a broken spine, i was in a full body brace, and they sent me a formal default notice coz i had dust on my ceiling fan..the one that hangs waaayyyyyy up there from my 12ft now i know theyre idiots and i'm paranoid..did i pass??..who knows??..she came thru and said nothing, just scratched away on that stoopid clipboard and looked intently at stuff that i couldnt see...will see what the postie brings next week..

so no cars (shes in disgrace anyway)..and no eric bana in my bed when i roll over in the morning (so much for wishing on a star..thanks mr armstrong)..just a teddy bear and a sparkling clean house..

everyday i read my astrology on facebook..maybe mum got my birthday wrong coz by that i'm not an aries, the person theyre talking about has intrigue, wealth and love smacking them in the chops daily..nothing abut stress, poverty and hunky blokes just trying their luck in there crushed!!!..ok, so i also click on the 'love percentage' thingy for a laugh..i've had facebook for under two weeks but apparently i've been at least 95% in love every day..who with???..teddy??????...

so anyway, i went and spent money on fabric this arv after the real estate woman left..nothing terribly exciting but it was cheap so i stocked up...coz i need i guess what i need more is somewhere to actually put it..hmmm..hey i could put it in the boot of the pink car, not like shes going anywhere in a hurry!!!..

pami xox

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  1. G'day Pami.Good luck with the house inspection. My daughter went through something similar a few years ago. I hope you enjoy using the fabric.Take care. Liz...