Sunday, 4 September 2011

i did so sew!!!..

good morning happy bloggers!!..

it was a full on weekend but i did sew..nothing new, just pulled out a few stitcheries and added borders to them, turned two into cushions but need the inserts for them to be 'finished' i procrastinated over as it was originally made to go in a table runner, but its too pretty to get ruined by those mysterious beetroot stains, the ones that appear on my table pretties even tho i dont feed the munchkins beetroot..and tea stains - im sure they have high tea whenever i sleep in and spill it everywhere coz it wasnt me!!!..none have bourbon stains, which proves it cant be me!!

we do have a ghost in our rambling old house tho..blame it on the ghost....

i would post pics BUT...where the hell is the cord that goes from the phone to the lappy????

i have 2 phones, the detested iphone, big $$$ and doesnt even know how to blutooth, and my beloved old phone, which i carry in my bag to take piccys with so at least i can upload them to the puter or get them printed up at big w..doesnt help if i cant find the cord tho..

yesterday i drove over 300kms with the munchkins on board (theyre good like that, stop at maccas regularly and theyre happy)..didnt see a single bloody patchwork shop which i think is pathetic, stopped by heaps of pubs but couldnt stay, extra pathetic..was looking for somewhere to lead my petrol-head car club next weekend..coz i organised a 'mystery cruise'..and after yesterday it remains a mystery where the hell we're actually going next sunday..coz im a woman they just take it for granted im on the ball, organised, controlled and know everything..pfft

today its usually a neat freak but my house has never been such a mess, its disgusting!!..must say i havent been able to keep on top of it since my accident, learnt to turn a blind eye while i was incapacitated coz my daughter doesnt do things 'right', and now that shes to busy with her new girlfriend and its all up to me standards have gone thru the determined that today i will conquer it, wont be able to move tomorrow but at least i'll be able to OD on the morphine and admire my hard work while doing stitcheries all day guilt stitch quality gets real damn groovy on morphine tho.. :-P

off to tackle the pile of unfolded sure there used to be a couch under that window..

huggs, pami xox

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  1. Hey Miss Pami, whats new? Get anymore stitching done?